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Full NameFull AddressCurrent StatusAdmission Date
Jimmie Lee Wilson521-523 Plaza Street West Helena, AR 72390Active9/10/1973
Date of ActionType of ActionActionRule(s)Stay DateReinstated DateCase NumberDisciplinary DecisionComplainantNote
10/14/2014Disciplinary ActionReprimand3.4 (c)  CPC 2014-027View DecisionChesley "Chet" DunlapReprimanded and fined $2,500.00. For his failure to file a timely response to the complaint, Mr. Wilson is additionally santioned with another reprimand and $2,500.00 fine.
2/1/2013Disciplinary ActionReprimand1.3, 1.4 (a)(4), 1.4 (b), 1.16 (d)  CPC 2012-022View DecisionMoses Watts, Sr.Reprimanded and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $2,500.00.
4/24/2012Disciplinary ActionReprimand1.1, 1.3, 3.2, 3.4 (c), 4.4 (c), 8.4 (d), 5.5 (a)  CPC 2011-048View DecisionByron FreelandReprimanded and fined $1,000.00. Ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $2,176.00.
7/13/2011Disciplinary ActionReprimand1.2 (a), 1.4 (b), 3.4 (c), 5.5 (a), 8.4 (d)  CPC 2010-043View Decision Reprimanded and fined $1,500.00 and assessed $50.00 case costs.
3/25/2010Suspended for CLECLE 3/29/20106/11/2010    
4/1/2008Disciplinary ActionCaution1.1, 1.3, 8.4 (d)  CPC 2007-101View Decision Cautioned and fined $750.00. Assessed $50.00 case costs.
4/23/2007Disciplinary ActionReprimand3.3 (a)(1), 3.4 (c), 8.4 (c), 8.4 (d)  CPC 2006-042View Decision Reprimanded and assessed $150.00 case costs.
11/15/2000Suspended for CLECLE  4/23/2004    
6/29/2000Disciplinary ActionSuspended_Committee  5/24/2004   SUSPENDED for 5 years
10/22/1998Disciplinary ActionSuspended_Committee  6/15/2004   SUSPENDED for 5 years
11/26/1997Suspended for CLEPracticum  4/23/1998    
5/1/1985Disciplinary ActionSuspended_Committee  5/24/2004   SUSPENDED