Please note: Technological difficulties making online payments do not excuse untimely payment of fees. You may contact the clerk’s office with questions concerning fees. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, except holidays.
Payment may always be mailed to:

Supreme Court Clerk's Office
625 Marshall Street
Suite 130, Justice Building
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Phone: 501-682-6849

To pay fees:

  1. Log in. NOTE: Phones and mobile browsers do not work for payments without changing privacy settings.
    1. Your password may be reset if forgotten as long as we have your email on file.
    2. For other password issues, please contact the Clerk’s office.
  2. Select My Account from the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Select Account Information from the sub-menu.
    1. If you see a large Pay Fees button, click on it.
    2. Otherwise, click on the Shopping Cart icon in the top right corner of the page.
  4. Review your charges and click on the Pay with GovPay button.
  5. Fill out the payment information screens and submit your payment.
  6. After hitting Exit from the last payment screen you should be returned to an Order Confirmation page.
    1. You will receive an email confirmation that your card has been charged from our payment processor almost immediately.
    2. You will receive a 2nd email from the Clerk’s office when the payment is fully processed.
  7. To ensure the processing of your payment is completed, verify that your cart is empty after you make your payment.
    Please note, you may have to log back in to clear your cart.

If you receive an error:

Screen Capture of INA ErrorScreen
There is a strong probability that some browser settings will require changes to allow payments to process.
The instructions below describe how to allow "Third-Party Cookies" in the browser's settings.
Please follow these instructions if receiving the error shown above.

To turn off browser restrictions against acceptance of Third-Party Cookies

Jump to instructions for specific browser: Chrome Edge Firefox

The objective here is to reduce the security settings of the browser in order to allow the acceptance of Third-Party (sometimes called “tracking”) Cookies. While often used by advertisers to “track” the sites visited, in this case we use the cookies to maintain your login to the payment portal while the payment is processed by INA (our Third-Party payment processor). Once a payment has completed, the settings may be returned to their original state if the user so desires. The only Third-Party Cookies used by the payment process are from AOC or INA and are NOT used for marketing or tracking purposes beyond maintaining the login for payment processing.

It is likely that you are already running the latest versions (or nearly latest) of each of those browsers.

You can find the version by:

  • clicking on the “hamburger” menu
    • (the three dots or three horizontal stacked lines located in the upper right corner),
  • finding the selection for the “Help” menu,
  • and selecting the section labeled “About”.
  • When you open the “About” menu, it will check for updates and automatically get the latest version – as a bonus.
We need to dig into the settings a bit to know some more.
We know that GovPay does not work when 3rd-Party cookies are blocked.
To check whether your browser allows 3rd-Party cookies see below.

For Edge:

  • From the “hamburger” menu select “Settings”,
  • Click on “Site Permissions” on the left-hand menu,
  • Click on “Cookies and Site Data” on the left-hand menu,
  • Look at the toggle for “Block third-party cookies”,
  • If this is toggled “On” – blue background with white dot on the right
    • you will need to turn it off by click-dragging the white dot to the left
    • it should display with a black dot on the left with a grey background if properly set to Off.
If you had to change the setting, please restart Edge and you can attempt the payment again.
Screen Capture of Edge Cookies Settings Screen

For Chrome:

  • From the “hamburger” menu select “Settings”,
  • Click on “Privacy and Security” in the left-hand panel,
  • In the main page there is a section devoted to “Cookies and other site data”, click on it.
  • There is a check-box (blue or white dot) next to an option titled “Block third-party cookies”,
  • If the dot is blue, click on it so that it turns white (Off).
    • There is also one that says “Block third-party cookies in Incognito mode”
    • You may click on the "Incognito" check box to select it instead of the “Block third-party cookies” box.
    • The “Incognito” check box can have either setting as long as you don’t access the payment site in “Incognito” mode.
If you had to change the setting, please restart Chrome and you can attempt the payment again.
Screen Capture of Chrome Cookies Settings Screen

For Firefox:

  • From the “hamburger” menu select “Options”,
  • Click on “Privacy and Security” on the left,
  • In the middle are sections for “Standard”, “Strict”, and “Custom”,
  • My settings are “Custom” and are able to access GovPay with the settings as shown below:
Again, if you had to change these settings, please restart Firefox and you may attempt the payment again.
Screen Capture of Firefox Cookies Settings Screen